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Stacy Cappleman

Lead Consultant

(267) 750-8407

My Story

There is nothing like walking into not only a clean smelling, but a CLEAN home! Scentsy does it all! I love Scentsy products for everything from laundry to pet care to their infamous wax warmers.

I got involved with Scentsy from my best friend of 25+ years. As a person who has started many businesses on my own, I am overjoyed at how much Scentsy provides me support. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of work and it sometimes feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

The name Shaman Scents actually comes from my original scent endeavor. I started Shaman Scents over ten years ago, but realized how much work it could be to manage handmade products along with juggle other businesses. I can't wait to promote Scentsy products under this name as it was the mission of Shaman Scents to sell awesome products - especially holistic ones!

With Scentsy, they provide SO MUCH in terms of training, exciting new products and promos to share with customers, friendship and a sense of belonging in the Scentsy community.

I can't wait to share some fun products with you - and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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